Friday, May 27, 2011

Mozambique ratifies Biological Weapons Convention

Mozambique deposited its instrument of accession in London on 29 March 2011, becoming a State Party to the BWC and bringing the membership of the treaty to 164. The President-designate of the Seventh Review Conference of the BWC, Ambassador Paul van den IJssel (Netherlands), warmly welcomed the accession, saying "I congratulate the Government of Mozambique on taking this important step to join the efforts of the international community to strengthen international security by ensuring that biological science and technology is used only for the benefit of people around the world". The President-designate added that by acceding to the BWC Mozambique was setting an example for other African states which are yet to join the treaty. "Mozambique's action demonstrates that the treaty is relevant and provides concrete benefits for security and development, especially in Africa", he said. "I look forward to welcoming the delegation of Mozambique to the Seventh Review Conference as a State Party to the BWC, and to working with Mozambique to further the aims of the treaty in Africa and around the world".

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